My visit to Poland - Jan Nycek & SAJN System

           December 18th, I was sitting at the JFK airport, drinking Latte and trying to plan my time off in Poland as best as I could. This year was kind of tough and I needed a break from New York City. I knew there will be time in Poland to spend Christmas with Family, eat some traditional Polish Christmas meals, have some good time with Friends and of course spend some valuable time with My longtime Friend and Master Jan Nycek. We plan on polishing my SAJN techniques and who could be better to help with that than The Founder of The System Himself....

         SAJN is a name of modern system destined for uniformed services as well as for the civilians. It introduces complete system of intervention and defensive techniques with using of multi-task telescopic baton.The good points of SAJN system are exhaustive combinations of techniques, which analogically are linked together in an effective defense sequences based also on the ergonomics movement. Its completely innovative development operates on a strict methodology, which makes the system transparent, logical and easy to learn.

          After two days of Christmas Feast there was time to train with the Grand-master. As always it was a great pleasure. After 24 years of training under Jan Nycek it is still great and valuable experience to train with Him. His martial arts knowledge is huge and there is always something new I can learn From Grand-master Jan. We spent some good time practicing baton and knife drills together with empty hand combat. Master Jan was telling me about His time working for E.S.A (European Security Academy) - the most known school for bodyguards in Europe. Master Jan was Hired By E.S.A as Main Instructor For Hand Combat. He was there to teach SAJN System. 

SAJN System proved to be so effective that E.S.A. decided to incorporate it in bodyguard schooling. This is a great opportunity for SAJN System to be more recognized in the world. 

During my time with Grand-master Nycek we managed to record material for  PROMO showing part of SAJN System

You can enjoy watching the PROMO by clicking the link below

       Poland was great, time passed extremely fast. It was time to go back to reality of New York City. This few days with Grand-master Nycek was very valuable. Loaded with positive energy I'm stepping into New 2015 year. New knowledge I gained from Jan Nycek I will be passing on to My Students at Combat Kalaki Academy. Also I invited Grand-master Nycek to New York City. He promised to visit us beginning of April this year. As Soon As He will confirm the dates We (Combat Kalaki Academy) will announce the Seminar with Grand-master. He will be introducing New Yorkers to SAJN System. Make Sure You Don't Miss it !!!!

Best to You Guys,