Each of the instructors at our school is fully certified by the organizations we work with. Even our student assistant instructors are required to pass a certification course before they are allowed to take the floor and assist with classes. We are all answerable and accountable to our national organization, not just to our school, and all our certifications are on file with our organization and on display at our school. 



Tomasz Wolinski

Chief Instructor


      Tomasz Wolinski was born and raised in Twardogora, Poland.  His journey with martial arts started in 1990 when he applied to “DOSAN” Martial Arts School conducted by Master Jan Nycek. Six years later he received his first Dan Black Belt in TaekwonDo ITF and first Dan Black Belt in Combat Kalaki Eskrima in 1999. As the Polish champion in 2000-2002 he was a member of the Polish National Team and participated in the National, European and World Championships, which gave him an opportunity to travel around the world. Tomasz met and trained with many Masters, exquisite trainers and fighters.  In 2000 during 6th World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation Championships he obtained fifth place in middleweight category, he also  received  Second Dan in Cacoy Doce Pares under the legendary Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete.   

       Tomasz moved to NYC in April 2001, where he continued to train. Martial arts became a big part of his life and he wanted to share his passion with others. He came to a decision to open his own martial arts school and now he is a co-owner of Combat Kalaki Academy, LLC.  Tomasz collaborates with different martial arts federations and trainers. He implements old traditions and rules in his teachings but also adds his own ideas that he practiced through years of training. Thanks to involvement in the development of martial arts he has acquired positions as a Combat Kalaki Eskrima National Director USA and Regional Director Taekwondo ITF Poland in USA.

As of today he achieved:

*     Combat Kalaki Eskrima IV degree Black Belt; 

*     International Taekwon-Do Federation IV degreeBlack Belt; 

*       Cacoy Doce Pares (Eskrima-Eskrido-Pangamot Federation) II degree Black Belt;

*     International Combat Kalaki Eskrima Instructor class "A"; 

*     SAJN (tactical and militant system) Instructor class "A". 



“Tomasz Wolinski is a disciplined and consistent person all year collaboration,repeatedly showed the help and great commitment. He proved to be an athlete, coach and friend.”

President of Polish Combat Kalaki Federation Jan Nycek .

Krzysztof Kowalski

Boxing Instructor and Combat Kalaki assistant instructor


        Krzysztof (Chris) was born and raised in Poland. Boxing has been his passion for almost 17 years. He started training at early age in local boxing club in his hometown where he learned European Boxing style. 
        In 2004 Chris moved to NYC, where he continued to train. Here he learned American Style of Boxing training under Devon Hill from Champion Breed Unlimited. After few years of training in NY Chris met Grand Master JoJo Ron from Philippines and he fell in love with Filipino Martial Arts and Panatukan - Filipino Dirty Boxing. Two years later he met Tomasz Wolinski and joined to Combat Kalaki Academy.
Here he continues his martial arts journey. His main focus is in Boxing and Combat Kalaki. He is also trained in Thai Boxing and has acquired knowledge in the art of self defense. 
        Chris is also fitness coach specializing in functional training, primitive movement, calisthenics, strength training, plyometrics and russian kettle-bells. He also promotes holistic life approach and healthy dieting.
Chris is constantly working to improve his martial arts and fitness knowledge to help students achieve their goals.


Kamil Gogolewski

Taekwon-Do ITF and Combat Kalaki assistant instructor

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